How Are Acrylic Awards Made?

More and more companies are using award engraving near San Jose and Santa Clara to show employees their appreciation. These personalized gifts can mean a lot to their recipients, and they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Watch this video and see how acrylic awards are made.

The first step is to mix monomer and polymer and let it cure, at which point it will turn completely clear. Then, you can add colorants to create custom shades and special effects, making the award as unique as its recipient. Workers use molds to create the awards layer by layer, starting with a colored base and letting it cure for a few hours. Then, the process will be repeated with a clear layer, and a decorative object will be laid on top before being covered with yet another layer of acrylic. Then comes the client’s name, the logo, one more layer, and sanding and polishing.

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