Add Acid Etching to Your Trophies in Santa Clara & San Jose

JB Trophies offers acid etching for trophies and awards in the San Jose region. Acid etching helps us customize awards that have been photo etched, allowing for the addition of color to the picture. This technique in skilled hands really makes for a unique feature on any trophy. We have had a high demand for custom awards of this type, and it’s easy to see why—they’re beautiful!

Our skilled team is able to take a photograph, etch it onto a trophy or plaque, and then fill it with vibrant color, so it looks almost exactly like the real thing. If you haven’t seen this done before, feel free to drop by and look at some of the samples we have at our San Jose location. We are also happy to send you some photos of trophies that we have created if you can’t get in here and still are curious as to how it looks. If you know you would like to have this done, you can reach out to our shop and place your order today, and we’ll get started on your project. Just give us a call.

Colored and personalized

One of the biggest benefits of doing a custom award such as this is that there really isn’t anything quite as special. Whether you choose to include a person’s face on the trophy or you have something else in mind, the addition of a photo that can be customized with color allows for personalization on the highest level. The recipient will love it—we know; we’ve seen the reactions of many children and adults over the time we have been offering this type of design. They light up when they see it!

You won’t find this type of custom-made trophy at just any store. Only select dealers have the equipment and experience to craft these unique pieces, and we are among them. JB Trophies has been making them for some time, so we know how to get the most out of acid etching to bring your photos to life. Whether you’re trying to find something different to give out as an award or you want to make sure all your trophies are personal, acid etching offers the perfect solution.

Acid etching applications

Take your next trophy to a higher level using a combination of photoetching and acid etching. Whether you want to customize an employee award, or you have children’s sports trophies to order, our company can help you create something that will “wow” the recipient. We can even do buildings or logos for client recognition awards or donor plaques. The possibilities are endless for what you can make using these techniques, and if you need a few ideas, we can show you some of the things other clients have come up with. There are some great ideas that we have brought to life!

Contact our office now to learn more about customizing trophies and awards with acid etching. We’ll be glad to price your order out and let you know exactly what we can do for you.

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