Photoetching for Awards in Santa Clara & San Jose

Turn to the experts at JB Trophies to add photoetching to your trophies or awards at our shop in San Jose, CA. This service lets you add a photo likeness to many of our items, making any of them even more of a special recognition. We have been doing this type of work for customers for some time, and it has continually been a popular service because it is so individualized. Contact us at the shop for pricing and additional details.

At JB Trophies, we can create a completely personalized award or trophy that has an etched photo to represent the occasion, person, or event, depending on what you need. This type of imagery is very realistic and detailed, and it adds another dimension to the item that is entirely different from standard awards. Our equipment allows us to do photoetching on many different types of materials, so just let us know what you’re looking for—or we can provide you with a selection of items to choose from if you prefer.

Personalized and unique

One of the biggest benefits to doing a photoetching on any award is the fact that it is instantly personalized with an image of the person or something else that makes it completely unique. People are visually oriented, so it also adds another layer of appeal when it comes to displaying the item. Part conversation piece, part award, a photoetching on any item really adds to the overall value.

A custom trophy is always a far better reward than a generic one, and while text can personalize the award, there’s nothing quite like an image to make the memory last. Whether you’re looking for it to be a smaller picture or a larger one, we can work with you to customize the size and dial in the detail, so it reflects your vision. We’re always happy to show you some examples in person if you’d like to get a better idea of what these trophies look like when finished. Please get in touch to view samples.

Specialty awards

If you are searching for a way to create a truly custom trophy or award for an event or occasion, consider photoetchingas a means to set the item apart from your basic fare. JB Trophies has created many of these specialty items for a variety of different groups and individuals, ranging from sports teams, to cheerleading competitions, to school awards, and much more.

We’re happy to supply you with a quote for these services based on your needsand the number of items you would like to have personalized. We’ll consult with you on photo sizing, placement, and any additional customizations you would like and give you an estimate for the cost of the photoetching. Please contact us to get this process started or to ask any questions you may have about adding this service to your order.

Contact us to learn about photoetching on awards!


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