Tips for Displaying Your Kids’ Trophies in Style

Children may be rewarded with personalized trophies in San Jose or Santa Clara for a number of reasons, which often have to do with excellence in academics or skill and athleticism in a sport. Whatever the reason may be, your kids deserve to have their personalized awards on display for all to see. Continue on to learn about a few tips for displaying your kids’ trophies in style.

Supporting Trophies
Out of the different types of personalized awards that children may receive, cup and bowl trophies tend to be among the heavier customized gifts; if your children are particularly gifted athletes,

Personalized Trophies in San Jose scholars, or both, these personalized trophies may continue to appear in numbers. Thus, it is important to display your kids’ custom trophies carefully so that they all remain in excellent condition and avoid any accidental falls. Popular choices for displaying trophies include sturdy shelves, mantelpieces, or trophy cases. You can typically find these types of surfaces at trophy stores, although more creative parents may prefer to make them on their own. Smaller trophies may be displayed in custom shadowboxes alongside other customized gifts.

Hanging Medals
Unlike traditional trophies, medals tend to be on the lighter side, which makes it easier to hang them in different ways. One cohesive way to showcase your kids’ achievements is to display the medals along with the trophies ; you can do this by hanging medals and other custom awards from the surface that holds the trophies. However, it is still important to keep in mind the overall weight that the surface must bear. Consider hanging these medals from ornate knobs in order to make your kids’ trophy showcase an aesthetic masterpiece.

Adding Pictures
Personalized trophies are special because they represent a noteworthy action or skill, and may bring up memories of the work and dedication that was displayed when the custom award was won. Highlight the memorabilia aspect of the showcase by including a picture of your child participating in the activity that earned the trophy. A picture that connects the person to the awards makes the entire showcase even more special.

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