• The Benefits of Participation Trophies

    Many parents have strong feelings about awarding participation trophies and sports awards to children who completed a sports season rather than won a championship. According to the clinical counselor in the attached video, though, these sports awards can be a great motivational tool for young children. Let’s take a closer look at the value of sports awards in San Jose and Santa Clara youth sports.

    Participation awards, such as cup trophies, given to young children can help them strive for even bigger and better trophies. When these children see their peers earning larger sports awards for winning a championship or being the team’s “Most Valuable Player,” then they see the possibilities they can achieve by sticking with the sport. This is a great benefit that can help children understand the value of continually becoming stronger and better in their chosen sport or field.

  • Planning a Memorable Retirement Celebration

    When a beloved coworker retires after several years, it is important to plan a memorable sendoff. Planning a memorable retirement celebration will include many components, such as a personalized gift from the other employees. This personalized gift in San Jose and Santa Clara is a great way to include all the retiree’s coworkers in the celebration and show the retiree how much he or she will be missed. Read on for a better understanding of how to plan a retirement celebration. retirement - party

    Showcase Career Highlights

    A retirement celebration is meant to showcase a long and successful career. The best way to show a retiree the effect he or she has had on a company is to show a highlight reel, video, or collage of various accomplishments. A video or poster board of accomplishments should include photos and awards. Fellow employees can also leave messages of congratulations via a recorded video or large communal greeting card to show their own support.

    Purchase a Personalized Gift

    Retirees have a lifetime of memories from their careers, but why not give them a physical reminder of their service and achievements? There are many types of gifts a retiree may enjoy and can continue to use after leaving the job. Gifts, such as clocks or pens, can be engraved and personalized in many ways. For example, an engraving plate can include the number of years serving the company and a short message from all the coworkers.

    Include the Coworkers

    Another essential element of a retirement celebration are the retiree’s coworkers. These people might have worked together and known each other for decades, so it is important to include the coworkers in the event. Gather the retiree’s closest coworkers and form a planning committee. This group can ensure that all the components of the celebration are personalized to the retiree and his or her time with the company. In addition to a committee of close colleagues, ask everyone in the office or company to pitch in for a personalized gift or special award engraving.

  • Sandblasting 101

    Sandblasting is a long-used form of etching designs on glass, metal, and plastic. Trophy and framing stores near San Jose and Santa Clara use the sandblasting technique to design a variety of personalized gifts, including wine glasses, metal mugs, and crystal awards. While sandblasting is a technique that has been around for more than 100 years, it requires a few steps to perfect the right design. Continue reading to learn more about sandblasting and how it can perfect personalized gifts.

    Once the design has been picked, it will be made into a vinyl or plastic stencil. The stencil will be placed over the item being etched. A handheld sandblaster will be applied to the design and sand will be blasted to the surface at a high pressure. The etched design will be even across the item’s surface, and it will remain an attractive gift or personalized award that anyone will be able to enjoy.

    sandblasting - glass

  • What to Consider When Designing a Sports Award

    There are several factors that go into designing a sports award, such as the age of your players and the specific achievements you wish to acknowledge. You may design a brighter and more interactive trophy for younger players, and you can personalize awards meant for players who excelled throughout the season. These are a few ideas that the designers at your trophy store near San Jose and Santa Clara will offer. Continue reading for more in-depth information about designing a sports award. Trophy Store Near San Jose And Santa Clara

    Player Ages

    Your players’ ages may be a factor when designing a sports award. Younger players will appreciate trophies that are bright, colorful, and visually appealing. Consider designing a sports trophy that moves or lights up with batteries. This type of trophy may include a rotating soccer ball or a lit-up figurine. Older players will likely appreciate cup trophies or awards that depict figurines set in action poses. Also, consider designing smaller awards for younger players. Young players may receive many awards while growing up, and they may run out of display space if the awards are too big.

    Visual Appeal

    Consider the visual appeal of your intended awards before finalizing the design. Parents and players will want to display this award. If the design is overcomplicated, dull, or offensive, then you may have upset parents and players. Work with your trophy store designers to ensure your awards are attractive and professional-looking.

    Participation Level

    The level of participation should be a factor when designing sports awards. If you choose to award certain players with customized awards, then these must be designed differently from participation awards. Make a list of all the players you wish to single out, and design the award based on the achievement you wish to acknowledge. For example, an award for “most homeruns” could feature a baseball player swinging a bat, and a “best pitcher” award can have a pitching figurine. Your trophy designers can help you choose different designs for your general participation and specific achievement awards.