• Tips for Framing Artwork

    Are you looking for a framing store near San Jose? Professional framing is an excellent way to preserve your art, but with the right materials, you can create your own custom frame pieces to decorate your home or to use as personalized gifts. Watch this video for tips on framing artwork.

    First, you will need to acquire conservation framing materials, also known as museum-grade. This includes adhesives, archival mounting boards, and mat boards. It’s vital to use museum-grade materials because they won’t degrade over time or cause damage to your art. Instead of spray or dry-mounting, hinge original works onto mat boards using non-permanent, acid-free adhesives.

  • The Benefits of Choosing Personalized Gifts

    Are you struggling to think of the right gift for a friend or loved one? Personalized gifts in San Jose are an excellent choice for a variety of celebrations and events. Custom-framed art, personalized awards, and engraved goods all offer several benefits. Gift Box


    When it comes to the gift selection process, many people spend a significant amount of time guessing what the person might want, researching options online, and searching the mall for something that seems appropriate. Many people repeat this process at least once before settling on something that seems good enough, or giving up and buying a gift card. Personalized gifts circumvent the time-consuming process of deciding on and tracking down the perfect present.


    When you have trouble thinking of the right gift for someone, it can be frustrating for both you and the gift receiver. When settling on an impersonal item or a gift card, you can feel disheartened when presenting it, and the individual may assume that you didn’t put much thought into the present. Personalized gifts avoid this issue altogether because few things can be more thoughtful than a gift that is customized to honor the person individually. Compared to gift certificates and generic goods, personalized gifts are memorable and can remind the individual of your thoughtfulness each time that they see it in the future.


    Perhaps an obvious benefit, the personal nature of these gifts can celebrate your relationship and history with the person. People tend to keep personalized gifts longer than others, and they are unlikely to break over time and won’t disappear after use as a gift card would.


    The customizable nature of a personalized gift is perhaps the biggest benefit you can enjoy. Choosing the item that is personalized, the materials used, any logos or images included, and the message or words that you add give you significant control over the impact of the gift. Personalizing the present to suit the person’s characteristics, personality, hobbies, or achievements shows that you understand and care about them, and put thought into their gift.

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  • Tips for Framing a Watercolor Painting

    Watercolor Vector Flower Texture Whether you’ve painted a beautiful watercolor painting or have come across a museum-level artist, you should consider taking pride in your painting with a custom frame in San Jose and Santa Clara. An elegant frame can protect a painting and make it much more presentable. Here are a few brief tips on how to custom frame your painting.

    Match the Style and Color

    Watercolor paintings tend to look best in a wooden frame. That said, the style of your painting, as well as its subject, might affect the color and style of the frame you choose. For example, if your subject is a Japanese cherry blossom with a pagoda house behind it, you might choose a frame made from bamboo or a lighter-colored wood. Think about how your painting will come across in relation to the picture frame.

    Mat Your Painting

    To make your watercolor stand out as a professional piece or one that could hang in a museum, you will want it matted. Most paintings are surrounded by a neutral-colored mat made of acid-free material. This will protect your painting in the years to come. If you desire some color to match the colors in your painting, you can have a colored mat, but keep in mind that any colors present should complement each other.

    Consider the Proportions of the Frame

    You must also consider where in the frame your painting will set. Many paintings are matted before they are framed, and you’ll need to decide how much the matting should show between the painting and the frame. If you have a smaller piece, you may want a larger mat surrounding it. This size difference will help make your painting the focal point. Also, think about how thick the sides of your custom frame are in comparison to your painting and matting. For larger pieces, you will want a small frame, typically one to two inches wide.