• Tips for Creating a Sports Trophy Display

    If you or your child has a number of sports awards or customized trophies that you would like to display, you may want to create a sports trophy display area in your home. A trophy store near San Jose or Santa Clara can offer you custom frames or shadow boxes in which you can proudly display ribbons, certificates, and other sports awards. Customized trophies, plaque awards, and glass or acrylic awards can be displayed on a special shelf or in a trophy case.

    A wall of fame in the living room or bedroom is a great way to display sports awards that include ribbons, plaques, and trophies. You can have custom frames or shadow boxes created at a framing shop for ribbons and certificates, and hang them and the plaque awards on a designated wall in your home. Customized trophies can then be displayed on shelves underneath the framed awards.

    If your sports award collection only includes trophies and glass or acrylic awards, you should consider a display case. You can either have one custom built, or you can find one for sale at a trophy store, second hand store, or hobby store.

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  • A Coach’s Guide to Sports Awards Banquets

    If you coach a kids’ sports team and are planning a sports awards banquet, you should pick up some personalized trophies from a trophy store near San Jose and Santa Clara . Presenting your players with sports awards is the best way to reward them for everything that they have learned and accomplished throughout the season. Here is a guide to hosting an entertaining sports awards banquet for your players.

    Choose a Venue
    If the sports team is affiliated with a school, you can use the school’s gymnasium or cafeteria for your banquet. If you plan on serving food and drinks during the banquet, you’ll want a room with enough space for tables and chairs for every Trophy Store Near San Jose guest. You may not need a stage, but if you do want one, consider holding the banquet in the school’s assembly room or theater. If the sports team isn’t school-affiliated, you could hold the banquet at a local restaurant. If you want a more casual venue, consider having it at a local park.

    Award Every Athlete
    Every athlete should be given a trophy or custom award for his or her performance throughout the season. These awards should celebrate the players’ hard work and dedication to the team, as well as their attitudes and areas in which they have demonstrated improvement. A local trophy store can help you choose and customize sports awards for each athlete. Sports awards can include categories such as most improved, most valuable player, best sportsmanship, excellent leadership, great attitude, most assists, best defense, and most goals scored.

    Prepare a Speech
    As the coach, you’ll be expected to deliver a short speech before the sports awards banquet. You can praise your players and talk about specific instances in which the team played skillfully and worked hard. You don’t need to discuss specific players during this speech, as the players will be recognized individually when you present them with their personalized trophies. You can take this opportunity to recognize the commitment shown by their parents, family members, and others who contributed to the team’s success.

  • Preparing Your Award Presentation Speech

    Personalized awards and trophies from a trophy shop in San Jose or Santa Clara are a great way to honor achievements and show appreciation for a job well done. If you are presenting awards to your employees, students, or your sports team, you will be expected to give a small award presentation speech.

    When presenting an award, you should highlight the achievement that the award recognizes. This will ensure that both the audience and the person being awarded will fully understand the real significance of the award. Watch this helpful video to learn more about how to prepare your award presentation speech.

  • How Corporate Awards Boost Your Business

    Having a corporate awards ceremony allows the company to celebrate its successes in a fun, unique way. Handing out corporate awards to employees can also give your business a boost, as it creates great PR for the company, encourages employee engagement, and can even act as a recruitment tool for potential new employees. Visit a trophy store in San Jose or Santa Clara to create customized corporate awards for your employees.

    Provides a Great PR Opportunity
    If your employees are regularly recognized for their hard work, they will say positive things about the company at every opportunity. Employees who feel that their work is valued are more content than ones

    Trophy Store in San Josewho feel overlooked, and are likely to talk to friends, family members, and other community members about how great their job is. This will spread the word that the company is an asset to the community that treats its employees well, which can help bring in more customers.

    Encourages Employee Engagement
    When employees know that their hard work is rewarded, they have an incentive to succeed in the work place. Friendly competition with co-workers and a desire to impress those higher up in the company will encourage your employees to work hard and achieve their goals. Many employees need a little boost to make them feel like going above and beyond their typical duties is worth it to them. If your employees seem uninspired and unmotivated, a corporate awards ceremony with personalized plaques or personalized gifts can bring new energy and excitement to their work.

    Acts as a Recruitment Tool
    Companies who hand out Employee of the Month awards or other similar personalized awards are fostering a sense of pride among their employees. These employees will tell others about how happy they are to be working for such a great company, which will encourage other people to pursue jobs with the company. Additionally, hanging employee awards in common areas that are visited by customers and clients will also let everyone in the community know what a great place it is to work, furthering your recruitment efforts.