• The Coach’s Guide to End-of-Season Awards Ceremonies

    Sports awards are a popular way to acknowledge players’ achievements, improvements, and contributions to their team. Trophy stores near San Jose and Santa Clara can help coaches make a memorable sports award that players and parents will love looking at. As your team’s season comes to a close, you might plan an awards ceremony with customized trophies or plaques that should be ordered well in advance. Here is a quick guide to help you create the awards you need in time: sport - award

    Reserve Weeks in Advance

    Different athletic programs will terminate at various points in the year, since some sports are only played during certain seasons. Therefore, it is important to reserve and order the league’s or team’s awards as soon as possible to ensure the order comes in at the right time. You’ll also want to book your venue and send out invitations early, so that everyone is able to come to the ceremony.

    Know the Details

    There are several details a coach should have when placing the final order for sports awards. A coach should know the exact number of players he is awarding. He should also have their correct names and player positions if he is giving out personalized awards. If the coach wishes to award specific types of awards—such as Most Valuable Player or Most Improved—then he should also have the titles and names prepared before ordering. Coaches might also select players, parents, or volunteers to announce various awards at the ceremony.

    Consider Original Designs

    Sports awards come in a variety of designs, including cup trophies, plaque awards, and certificates of participation. Coaches can create a fun and original trophy design to award their players. This original design will stand out among other trophies, and the players will be excited to remember their time playing. Work with your local trophy store and research ideas to find the best, original trophy that every player will enjoy. At your ceremony, present each award with a short, customized speech or song to represent each player being recognized.

  • Highlight Your Kids’ School Achievements with a Custom Shadow Box

    It is important to show off your kids’ achievements in school and sports. You can show off their sports awards, school projects, and science fair ribbons with a custom shadow box made by your framing store near San Jose and Santa Clara. You can customize your shadow box to fit your kids’ different projects and to match your interior décor. Let’s take a closer look at this type of framing that can showcase your kids’ proudest school moments. shadow - box

    Customize to the Size of the Award

    Shadow boxes, just like custom frames, can come in several different sizes and shapes to fit the item you wish to showcase. If your kids have special poems, sports awards, or science fair ribbons, then you can order a shadow box in a small or large size to hold as many awards as you wish. Shadow boxes can also be customized into different geometric shapes to showcase your kids’ achievements in an interesting format. This customizability is a great asset when you have different projects and awards from each of your kids.

    Match the Surrounding Décor

    If you prefer a clean and matching décor style in your home, then it may seem difficult to display all of your kids’ different awards and school achievements. However, a custom shadow box that’s designed and fabricated by a qualified framing store can easily be made to match the rest of your frames and surrounding décor. Speak with your shadow box designer about the frame colors and designs already in your house. Your designer can use these details to customize a shadow box to complement your house’s current décor.

    Showcase a Variety of Achievements

    Your kids will have many achievements throughout their time in school. They will win school awards, complete colorful projects, and write memorable papers. These achievements deserve to be displayed, so your kids, your family, and friends can see everything that your kids have accomplished. This is a great way to show your pride and joy in your kids’ achievements.

  • Basic Elements of Corporate Retreats

    Corporate retreats are a great way to bring your team together and improve employee productivity. Teambuilding retreats and corporate awards in San Jose and Santa Clara help improve morale and encourage your employees to work harder and smarter for your company. Watch the video and continue reading to learn the basic elements of a corporate retreat.

    • Decide the primary goal and secondary goals of the retreat. These definitions will help steer teambuilding exercises to benefit your team most.
    • Assign a team of retreat participants and management to plan an effective itinerary of teambuilding exercises, corporate awards ceremonies, and downtime. These activities are important to create a successful retreat.

    Break everyone into teams for exercises. These teams should be filled with employees who do not often work together. They will gain more benefit from working with new business strategies and corporate imaginations.

  • Ways to Celebrate Your Employees’ Achievements

    There are several ways to celebrate your employees’ achievements. You can offer free food, give personalized gifts , or award extra time off. These simple ways of celebration will show your employees that you recognize their efforts and appreciate the hard work they bring to the office every day. Read on to see how free food and personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara are the perfect ways to recognize employee achievements. personalized - gift

    Offer Food

    Free food is almost always a welcome sight at work, so it is a great way to show appreciation for your employees’ achievements. You can surprise them with sweets, snacks, or pizza. You may also consider having lunch catered at the office or taking your team out to a nearby restaurant.

    Give a Gift

    Personalized gifts—like a custom award or engraved business card holders—are great ways to show each of your employees that you notice and appreciate their contribution. You can commission personalized trophies or framed certificates that specifically state the reason for the award. You may also prefer to give everyone the same gift, such as a clock or pen holder, to celebrate a big sale or team achievement. This is a great way to personalize your celebration.

    Plan an Outing

    Your employees may also appreciate a break from the office to enjoy a team outing. This planned outing does not have to be business-related. Your employees will appreciate a family picnic event. However, you can also plan a team-building excursion to give employees time away from work, while still working on being a better team. Team-excursions may include cooking lessons, ice skating lessons, or hiking.

    Award Time Off

    Your employees will always appreciate extra time off. If they meet a large sales goal or complete a big project, then consider awarding paid time off during the following week. You may also offer a coupon that allows each employee to choose the day they would like off or choose when they would like to leave early.