• What Are the Benefits of Custom Framing?

    A picture frame is so much more than a place to put a picture or some artwork. If you are looking for a frame, you might want to consider custom framing . Keep reading to find out what a custom frame can do for you and your décor:

    When you choose a custom frame in San Jose and Santa Clara, it gives you the chance to choose colors that complement your décor and do the most to enhance your picture. Choosing a custom frame also means that you get a quality piece that can become an important part of your décor for many years. If you are trying to frame something that is in an unusual shape, choosing a custom frame is the best way to get the shape you need.

    Whether you are trying to frame a picture, an award, a certificate, or a publication, choosing a custom frame is the only way to get exactly what you want. Work with a quality sign company to find the perfect option for your needs.

    Custom Framing in San Jose

  • A Guide to Choosing Mats for Your Custom Framing

    One of the biggest benefits of buying custom frames is that you can choose all the details of the piece. Designing a frame is a great way to enhance your décor and find the perfect spot for your special pictures or artwork. Use this guide to figure out the best way to choose a mat that works well with your custom framing:

    Think About What You Are Going to Frame
    If you want to get the best look for your custom frame, it is important to think about what you are going to frame. Whether you are using it to house a picture or a piece of art, think about the item you plan to place in your custom frame so you can choose a mat that will complement it. You might want to bring the item to the framing store so you can compare it to different mat options and find the one that looks the best .

    Think About Where You Are Going to Place the Frame Custom Frames in San Jose

    The items around your custom frame can also affect the way the mat looks. If you already know where you are going to put the picture frame, you should think about the other decorative features around it so you can choose a mat that will work well with the rest of your décor.

    Think About the Frame
    When you are designing a custom frame in San Jose and Santa Clara, you want to think about all of the elements to ensure that they come together well. While you are trying to decide on the kind of mat to use in the frame, you should think about the frame as a whole to choose a mat that will tie the whole piece together. If you take the time to choose features that work well together, you can create a beautiful custom frame that will work for a variety of purposes.

  • JB Trophies: The Best Place For Plaques In San Jose

    JB Trophies & Custom Frames has been serving residents of Santa Clara and the Silicon Valley for more than 50 years. We specialize in creating custom trophies and awards in a variety of styles. Take a moment to check out our latest reviews on Yelp and leave one of your own on our Google+ page. We would love to hear from you.

    If you need something made up in a pinch, this is definitely the place to go.” – Kristen R.

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  • Tips for Delivering an Awards Presentation Speech

    If you have been delegated the responsibility of awarding a personalized trophy in San Jose or Santa Clara, you may be wondering exactly how a good speech is composed. Any type of custom award or personalized gift will speak for itself, but it helps when it is framed in context. Watch this video clip for a few tips for delivering an awards presentation speech.

    Delivering and awards presentation speech is not a complex task. Start by offering the audience and the trophy or award’s acceptor a bit of background about the award; framing it this way makes it possible to emphasize the dignity associated with the award. Discuss the reason the award is being presented and the actions or traits that the individual displayed in order to earn it. The audience will then come to understand the importance of the award as well as recognize the effort that the winner exerted.

  • The Great Trophy Debate: Participation Trophies for Kids

    Although personalized trophies , custom frames, and custom award engravings can all be excellent personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara, participation trophies involve a unique psychological element. Some people believe that trophies should be given to children for participation in some kind of sport or recreational team activity, while others believe that this is not a good idea. Read on for a look at the great trophy debate: Are participation trophies for kids a positive or negative influence?

    One integral component of this debate that often sparks the side that thinks participation trophies are a bad idea is equality. All people are not born with and will not develop the same level of skills across the board. Certain people are better than others at certain things, and the “no” side of this debate thinks that giving out participation trophies ignores this reality. Additionally, certain children on a team are naturally more apt to fully participate and foster team spirit, while some others may bring a negative attitude. To offer each of these children the same trophy at the end of the season is to imply that they put out the same level of effort when this is clearly not the case.

    Personalized Trophies in San Jose

    The other side of this debate has a few important points as well. For one, they believe that children should be rewarded for their effort . Even if a child is not particularly skilled, he or she may be ecstatic upon receiving a personalized trophy or custom award that can be displayed on a bedroom shelf. Awarding only the top tier of players can be discouraging, which may prevent children from attempting to develop their skills.

    At the end of the day, a personalized trophy is simply a memento of an experience. On one hand, many people believe that the purpose of team sports in childhood is to teach cooperation and teamwork, and thus trophies are not necessary. On the other hand, some individuals think that custom trophies should be distributed to every child who participated so that they each have an anchor for their experience.