• A Look at the World’s Most Famous Sports Awards

    Athletes hone their craft for the fans, the success, and of course, the sports awards . Young athletes grow up dreaming of their favorite cup trophies and bowl trophies in San Jose or Santa Clara, hoping to win them one day when they get older. Some sports awards are more famous than others, but they all come with their own history. The Stanley Cup, the Heisman Trophy, and the Olympic gold medal are some of the more famous awards that sports can offer. Keep reading for a look at the world’s most famous sports awards. stanley - cup

    Stanley Cup

    When it comes to sports awards with rich histories and backstories, the Stanley Cup often comes up. This award goes to the team that wins the playoffs in the National Hockey League, although it was not always associated with the NHL. It has been awarded for more than a century, but it made its way to the NHL in 1926. The names of each player on the winning team are inscribed on the cup at the end of each postseason, and more rungs are added to the base as necessary. The Stanley Cup has been used in a few strange ways during the 100-day period that each winning team has to spend with the cup, including for baptisms and feeding dogs.

    Heisman Trophy

    If you are determined to be the best player in college football, you’ll receive a sports award called the Heisman Trophy. In addition to the implications associated with winning this award, athletes enjoy the physical appearance of the trophy. The Heisman features a statue of a football player with his arm out, which has become an iconic image. The Heisman was first awarded in 1935 and is still awarded today.

    Olympic Gold

    Winning an Olympic gold medal is one of the most satisfying feelings in sports, and the prestige speaks for itself. Unlike the Stanley Cup, those who win an Olympic gold medal get to keep their sports awards for themselves. Since countries from all over the world compete in the Olympics, winning a gold medal is a testament to an athlete’s dominance of the sport.

  • What to Expect When You Work with a Custom Framer

    If you want custom frames in San Jose or Santa Clara, it’s a good idea to work with a custom framer that you can trust. Finding a reputable professional will help ensure that the framing process is done properly, so you should know what to look for. Once you do meet with your custom framer, you’ll talk about what kinds of frames you need. Your framing expert might ask you a few questions to get a better idea of the project as well. Here’s a look at what to expect when you work with a custom framer. custom - framing

    Choosing a Quality Custom Framer

    Custom frames let you show off your awards or enjoy pictures of your family, but not all custom framers are equally qualified. If you want to make sure you choose a legitimate expert for your custom frames, you should look at your options before making a decision. When you’re looking for professionals in your area, make a list of your options. Don’t work with a framer who tries to change your art, as a quality framer will be able to work with what you have. It’s a good idea to see if your framer is a member of a professional custom frame association.

    Discussing Your Needs

    People seek out professional framers when they need custom frames, but there is more that your pro can help with. You can talk to your custom frame professional about your options and ask for his or her advice. Your framing professional will keep your budget, your aesthetic style, and your concerns in mind throughout the process. Never be afraid to discuss different ideas with your expert before getting started on your custom frames.

    Providing Information

    You’ll need to give your custom frames professional some more information to ensure that the job is done right. It helps to tell your framer about the color of the wall that the frame will be hanging on, discuss design themes that are present in your home or office, and talk about the layout of your furniture. This contextual information will help your custom frames turn out beautifully.

  • How to Personalize Your Corporate Awards

    There are presents and then there are custom corporate awards in San Jose and Santa Clara. Custom awards involve an extra sense of thoughtfulness and consideration, so they can do a better job of making your employees feel appreciated. Corporate awards can help your team stay motivated and productive, and there are a few different ways you can go about personalizing them. Feel free to read ahead if you’d like a few ideas on how to personalize your corporate awards.

    When thinking about personalizing a corporate award, think about the nature of the award. If the award goes to the person who made the most sales for the year, this information should be included on the award. You can also include the employee’s name as well as details about how he or she came to win the award. Personalize the award with the number of sales made or the total value that the winner accumulated for the company. Make sure that however you decide to personalize the award, you do so in an aesthetically pleasing way so the recipient can proudly display it. You can even consider giving out glass, crystal, or acrylic awards for even more cosmetic appeal.

    corporate - award

  • Motivate Your Employees with These Tactics

    Motivation is crucial to a successful business. You can keep your employees motivated with several tactics, such as giving them corporate awards or personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara. These acknowledgements of accomplishments are easy ways to motivate your employees to continue delivering great results. Read on for more strategies for employee motivation. motivation - tactics

    Set Goals

    Goals are one of the driving forces in life. If your employees have goals to strive for—getting a promotion, making a deadline, or winning a personalized gift—then they are likelier to stay motivated for work. Give your employees daily and weekly goals that pertain to their job, and you will give them a positive trajectory in their careers.

    Provide Incentives

    Your goals will not be as effective if your employees do not receive some incentive. Poll your team to find out what types of incentives they would like to receive. Incentives can be as small or as large as you choose. For example, you could give out candy for each sale your employees make. You could provide a special lunch every month, if your team reaches a certain goal. These incentives and more are great ways to motivate your team.

    Give Awards

    In addition to regular incentives, you can give out special corporate awards every month, every year, or at specific sales landmarks. These awards may be a special plaque award, trophy, or a custom award. There are many ways to acknowledge the accomplishments of your employees. If you are still deciding on what types of corporate awards to give out, then poll employees to determine what they prefer.

    Stay Positive

    Positivity is essential to motivation. Your employees need to see that you remain positive at work, even during difficult times, and they will be more motivated to do their jobs. If you need to criticize an employee’s performance, then make it constructive and give them some positive feedback. If there is a big change in procedures, then stay positive while addressing your employees’ concerns. This positivity will help keep your employees motivated.