• Your To-Do List for Planning a Volunteer Appreciation Event

    Volunteers don’t do their work for the attention, but it’s nice to recognize their efforts, contributions, and selflessness nonetheless. A volunteer appreciation event can show unpaid helpers how much they mean to the project and how much everyone appreciates what they’ve done. Look for a venue to hold the event, and make arrangements for table and chair rentals ahead of time, if necessary. Think about custom awards and personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara for your volunteers for a unique touch, and continue reading for your volunteer appreciation event to-do list.

    Find a Venue

    In order to hold a nice ceremony for your volunteers, you’ll first need to find a venue that’s big enough for everyone. Start by getting a headcount and considering how much space you’ll need for the event. Choose a location that’s easy for everyone to get to. If you meet in the same place every day or every week, you already know that the whole team will fit. On the other hand, a nearby venue can make it feel like more of a special occasion, which might make the experience more meaningful for the volunteers you’re appreciating.

    Acquire Materials

    Some venues have plenty of room for people but aren’t equipped with seats, tables, and the like. If you’re renting out an empty conference space for the event, plan in advance so you know if you need to bring your own chairs and tables or not. If the venue you had in mind isn’t already prepared, you can always rent these kinds of materials. An appreciation event may backfire if you force your volunteers to stand throughout it, so think about what you might need well before the event is set.

    Give Out Awards

    It’s nice to be able to give your volunteers a physical token of appreciation. Corporate awards and personalized gifts remind your volunteers of this appreciation every time they look at them. You can engrave each volunteer’s name into a plaque or award, or you can make a line of identical awards for each volunteer to thank them for their contributions.

    Show volunteers appreciation with custom awards or a personalized plaque.

  • All About Attendance Awards

    You can’t get anything done if you don’t have an entire team to work with every day, so it’s a good idea to encourage attendance. Whether you’re in the workplace, on a team, or managing a band, all of the necessary characters should be present. One way you can get everyone to commit to the project is by giving out awards and personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara. This makes it clear that being present and part of the team is integral to the business or team’s success as a whole, and winning employees can proudly display their custom awards. Read on and learn all about attendance awards.

    Attendance awards are simple to design and order. Think about what you want the awards to entail before you put an Attendance Awards encourage employee attendance. order in, so you can make sure your employees appreciate what you have to offer. An attendance award might include the recipient’s name, a description of the award and why it’s important, the company’s name, and when the award was presented. A permanent, physical token of appreciation can serve as a reminder that keeps employees and teammates motivated all year long.

  • Steps to Take to Invest in Fine Art

    If you have an eye for artistic talent, consider displaying some fine art in your home or in your office. Fine art could come in the form of photographs, paintings, or sculptures, and it can be created by professionals, amateurs, or even your younger sibling. You can keep your art protected and add to its aesthetic appeal with the help of a custom frame in San Jose and Santa Clara. Framing also helps the piece stand out against its background. If your walls are looking a little bare, keep reading and learn about the steps to take to invest in fine art. art - frame

    Think About Your Taste

    Fine art comes in many different mediums. If you’re thinking about adding some to your home or your office, think about what types of art you appreciate most. Some people prefer photography, while others like still life paintings. Others like sculptures, which they can place on their mantelpieces or their office desks. When you consider adding custom frames to the mix, you can put your own touch on a favorite photograph or painting and have it pop off of your wall. When investing in fine art for your own space, think about what you would like to see.

    Consider Your Budget

    One of the interesting aspects of fine art is that you can find it almost anywhere you look. Not all fine art needs to come from a professional gallery where you spend thousands of dollars on a piece that catches your eye. You can just as easily ask for a print from a photographer friend, or even have your neighbor, family member, or friend make you a custom piece. Then you can find the right custom frame and hang it where you see fit.

    Choose a Custom Frame

    A custom frame gives you the opportunity to add your own influence to a piece of fine art that already exists. Custom frames make the artwork stand out from its background, protect it from damage, and accent the piece of art in the way that you see fit. Don’t forget a custom frame when you invest in fine art.