• Creative Ways to Display Your Prized Sports Jersey

    If you’re a sports fanatic, you understand the importance of preserving your favorite team’s memorabilia. A prized sports jersey should never be tainted, which is where custom frames in San Jose come in. If your kids are interested in the sports you were interested in as a child, framing your old jerseys can be a nice way to decorate their rooms. If you don’t mind the risk, you can also display your pride by wearing your jersey to the games you attend. Learn about these creative ways to display your prized sports jersey by reading ahead.

    With Custom Frames

    A signed Wayne Gretzky jersey from his time with the Oilers isn’t meant to be hung in a closet. This the kind of memorabilia that you should proudly display in a prominent place, and you can do this with a custom frame. You don’t want to stuff something that represents sports history into a frame that it doesn’t fit in. Instead, work with the framing store to create custom frames that will flatter your sports jersey and keep it protected over the years. Custom frames turn your prized sports jersey into a hangable piece of art, and even the frames themselves can add to the aesthetics.

    In Your Child’s Room

    Hanging up famous athletes’ jerseys, or even replicas of them has become a popular practice. However, these aren’t the only kinds of jerseys that hold any value. You might have your own jerseys from sports you played in high school or college. Your children might be interested in the same sports. In this case, framing your old jersey turns it into an heirloom that your kids can hold onto for the rest of their lives.

    Framing your favorite sports jersey

    On Your Person

    Wearing your jersey out to a game is risky if you’re trying to keep it preserved, but sports fans are a superstitious group. Just be careful you don’t spill anything on your jersey when you jump up to celebrate a big goal.