• Preparing Your Baseball Card Collection for Shadow Box Storage

    It’s natural to want to talk about and show people the things that mean the most to you, and your baseball card collection might fall into that category. You also want to keep your collection in prime condition, and handling the cards too frequently or roughly will lower their value and their aesthetic qualities. Custom shadow boxes in San Jose and Santa Clara are distinctive frames that let you show off your collection without worrying about it being damaged. You still might want to put your cards in sleeves and decide how you want to organize them before you put them in the shadow box. Think about the best place in your house to display your baseball cards and custom frames, and continue reading for more on preparing your collection for shadow box storage.

    Consider Protective Sleeves

    Even though your cards will be protected from the outside when you store them in your shadow box, you might want to take the extra step of putting them in protective sleeves. If you have a particularly valuable collection, then your cards might already be encased in them. Protective sleeves add an extra layer of defense, so you can keep your cards in mint condition. Then you can show them off in your shadow box, but you can still sell them for top dollar if you so choose.

    Lay Them Out Beforehand

    You don’t want to go into your shadow box and keep rearranging your cards, so think about how you’d like to arrange them before you put them in their custom frame. You might display your collection in order of the age of the card, condition of the card, or team that the player played on. There are countless ways you can organize your baseball card collection, so figure it out beforehand so you don’t need to keep rearranging.

    Choose the Best Display Area

    While you’re preparing the cards themselves, think about where you want to put up the shadow box. You might post your collection up in your sports room, your man cave, or even your office.

    Custom shadow boxes for baseball card collection in San Jose, CA