• Touring Your Trophy Options

    When you want to reward someone for a job well done, one of the best ways to do it is to give them personalized gifts or trophies. JB Trophies & Custom Frames is a trophy store near San Jose and Santa Clara that can help you pick out the perfect trophy for any occasion.

    When you are deciding what kind of trophy to buy, you should carefully consider what you are giving it for. If you are handing it to someone to celebrate a big milestone, one of our crystal awards might work best. If you are honoring someone for their service, plaque awards might be better. We have plenty of trophy options and would be happy to engrave any of them for you. We specialize in customizing awards, so you will get a good quality product. When you use JB Trophies & Custom Frames, you will get a great trophy.

    Personalized Gifts in Santa Clara

  • How to Create Meaningful Awards

    Handing out corporate awards and showing your employees how much you care about them can be a great way to boost company morale. There is nothing like seeing the looks on peoples’ faces as they are handed personalized trophies in San Jose or Santa Clara. Your employees will realize that you appreciate their work and will enjoy doing their jobs more as a result. Here is how to create meaningful awards for them.

    Personalize the awards you hand out.
    Simply handing someone a trophy will

    Corporate Awards in Santa Clara show that you appreciate them, but writing their name on it will take it to the next level. Personalized awards require a little bit of effort, but your employees will be able to proudly display their awards at home and work when you go the extra mile.

    Order awards that look fancy and will make great display pieces.
    When you go to order awards for your next ceremony, you could opt for simple trophies and save yourself money. Or you could choose crystal trophies, acrylic awards, and other statement pieces. By giving your employees awards that look great, you will be encouraging them to show them off to the world.

    Create special awards so that everyone has a chance to win.
    There are some corporate awards that every company hands out every year. For example, “Employee of the Year” is a popular award that will never go out of style. However, to make sure that all of your employees have a chance to win, you can also create awards like “Most Likely To Be The Boss One Day” and hand them out. People will get a good laugh and appreciate the thought you put into them.

    Set aside a large chunk of time for your awards ceremony and make it a big affair.
    The purpose of handing out corporate awards is to give your employees time to enjoy themselves. Rather than trying to shoehorn a ceremony into an hour-long timeslot, make it an all-day event. It will be a great time to make memories with them.

  • Learn How the Iconic Lombardy Trophy is Made

    If you’re the coach of a sports team, you’ve probably picked out a number of custom sports awards and personalized trophies for your team at a trophy store in San Jose or Santa Clara . As someone with an appreciation for sports and sports awards, maybe you’ve wondered about how the iconic Lombardy trophy is made.

    Watch this video to learn more about the Super Bowl’s Vince Lombardi trophy. It is created over a four-month period, and is fashioned out of sterling silver by expert designers and craftspeople at Tiffany & Co.

  • Planning a Corporate Awards Event for Your Small Business

    If you own a small business, you have a close relationship with your employees. A great way to show them that you recognize and appreciate their hard work and dedication to the business is by throwing a corporate awards event. A local trophy store can help you create custom corporate awards in Santa Clara or San Jose . Here are some tips on planning a successful corporate awards event for the employees of your small business.

    Invite Family Members
    Your employees spend a lot of time away from their families while they’re at the office. Use this awards event as a chance to honor your employees in front of their loved ones. Your employees will be happy to have an opportunity to Custom Corporate Awards in Santa Clara include their families in a fun work event, and you’ll have a chance to create more meaningful and personal relationships with your employees after meeting their families.

    Choose a Fun Venue
    Hold your awards event away from the office to give everyone the chance to relax and mingle in a neutral environment, away from the stresses of the office. Choose a local banquet hall, restaurant, or hotel ballroom. Avoid holding the event in a bar, as your employees or their family members may not drink. Create a festive atmosphere with music, food, and some simple party activities.

    Create Personalized Gifts or Custom Awards
    Your local trophy store will have many options for custom awards and personalized gifts. You can choose a customized plaque award that can include the employee’s name, the company logo, and any written information you want to include. Glass, crystal, or acrylic awards come in many different shapes and sizes, and are keepsakes that your employees can display on their desks or in their homes. These awards are elegant, and can be used to recognize remarkable achievement. Bronze awards are unique pieces of art. You can choose from a variety of different figurines for the top of the award, and its base can be customized to include the employee’s name and the title of the award.