• Ideas for Honoring Your Team’s MVP

    The Most Valuable Player, or MVP, is an important sports award and title given to individuals who excel in their chosen sport and show exemplary teamwork. Whether you honor your MVP with an individual skill building session or personalized trophy in San Jose and Santa Clara, you should always take the time to acknowledge your MVP among his teammates. Read on for some ideas to honor your MVP. sports - award

    Sports Awards

    The classic way to honor your team’s MVP is with some sort of plaque or trophy. This sports award should be personalized to fully acknowledge your MVP for all of the hard work he has put in. There are many types of custom awards you can gift your MVP. With a custom award, your trophy store should be able to fulfill any design, whether it is a football, baseball, or tennis racquet. If you prefer a plaque or paperweight, then ask about different award engravings to represent your team, your MVP, and your chosen sport.

    Skill Building Sessions

    In addition to a sports award, consider gifting your MVP with a skill building session. For example, a baseball hitter in high school will benefit from meeting with a local or national baseball star. This type of session can further motivate your MVP to continue practicing and building his skills. You may also consider gifting a spot to a local sports camp for more skill building opportunities.

    Team and Family Ceremony

    Honor your MVP and the entire team with an awards ceremony that everyone can attend. You can include family, friends, teammates, and local recruiters. By inviting all of these people to attend an awards ceremony, your MVP will feel uplifted and honored for all of the hard work he has given to his teammates. With the addition of recruiters, your MVP may also receive college offers and professional endorsements. These are crucial to the continuing success of your MVP and sports team.

  • How to Motivate Your Employees

    Finding ways to motivate your employees is important to maintaining a positive morale and employee productivity. As you can see in the attached video, corporate awards and mentoring are some simple ways to motivate your employees. Continue reading to see how to motivate your employees with certain strategies and corporate awards in San Jose and Santa Clara .

    Providing feedback, both critical and uplifting, is an effective way to motivate. With feedback, paired with active listening, your employees will feel valued and know that their boss is paying attention to them. Presenting personalized gifts and custom awards is another way to motivate your employees. These items show your employees that you value them, and they will strive to earn bigger and better corporate awards.

  • Factors to Consider When Selecting Awards for Your Employees

    Corporate awards are a great way to keep up employee morale. With trophies, awards, and personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara , you have an opportunity to tell your employees how much you value them. Corporate awards are another way to motivate your employees to be better at their jobs. If you are looking for ways to improve company morale and productivity, then consider gifting your employees with useful awards or personalized gifts. Continue reading for more information about selecting corporate awards. employee - recognition

    Ask for Employee Suggestions

    When awarding your employees throughout the life of your business, keep their opinions and suggestions in mind. Poll your employees to determine which awards or personalized gifts they might prefer. Your employees may also have suggestions for the type of awards they wish to receive. For example, they may suggest trophies or certificates based on professional accomplishments, team participation, and personal attributes.

    Consider Useful Awards

    There are many types of corporate awards and gifts to offer your employees, such as trophies or plaques. These are great choices that will convey the intention behind the award and help your employees to feel valued. However, you can also award certain gifts that can be useful. Engraved clocks, pen holders, business card holders, and sticky note dispensers are useful items that your employees will love. These personalized awards are a great way to show your employees their value to you, and they can use the award to continue performing their daily tasks.

    Remember Corporate Ideals

    Consider what your business stands for, including its ideals and mission statements. Your corporate awards should further these stances so that your employees will be reminded of the company they work for. For example, awarding an employee with a “kindness” award can represent your business’ charity work; a “perseverance” award can signify the constant drive your company and employees need to be successful. Examine your company’s mission statement and practices for some ideas.

  • Tips for Organizing the Perfect Awards Ceremony

    Whether you’re the coach of a sports team or the head of a business, every now and then an awards ceremony might be called for. You’ll want to do it right to make sure your players or employees understand how much they’re appreciated , so find a location that is practical and convenient. Personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara can mean a great deal to their recipients, making them excellent choices for awards ceremonies. You should also plan in advance so you can say something relevant and kind when you hand out your plaque awards. Here are tips for organizing the perfect awards ceremony. Awards - Ceremony

    Find a Suitable Location

    You can go as big as you want with your awards ceremony, but you’ll want to keep everyone comfortable. This means you need to find a venue that can accommodate the entire audience; on the other hand, you might not want to reserve a massive auditorium for a small sports award ceremony. It should also be reasonably easy to access the venue for everyone who will be participating in the ceremony. Remember that you don’t necessarily need a new venue at all; a small ceremony on the practice field or in the office can be just as meaningful as a big event.

    Offer Personalized Gifts

    Personalized gifts like trophies and framed pictures can be great for your awards ceremony. There’s nothing wrong with ordering a bunch of awards that look exactly alike, but your staff or team members will appreciate the extra attention to detail when their awards come with their names on them. Adding a simple embedment like this can make the award much more appealing and meaningful to the individual who receives it.

    Come Prepared

    No matter what kind of awards ceremony you’re hosting, you should plan it well in advance. This way you can find the right spot without having to scramble, you can order the personalized gifts with time to spare, and you can make sure the whole event goes according to plan. You can also think about personal characteristics and career achievements that you would like to highlight in each award recipient.