Selecting the Right Frame for Your Artwork

Artists put a great deal of time, effort, and creativity into what they do, and a custom frame can be the perfect finishing touch on the project. Framing your work with the perfect frame, however, can be a tricky task. Keep reading if you would like a few tips on selecting the right custom frame in San Jose for your artwork.

Size of the Work
Ratios and proportions are very important when it comes to aesthetically pleasing images. This principle can and should be applied to the frame that you choose for your artwork. Start by considering the overall size of your artwork ; whether it is a painting, a photograph, or any other kind Custom Framing in San Jose of medium, take a step back and carefully look at its size. Large works typically call for larger frames and wider moldings, but exactly how large you want your work to be is up to you. If you have a large piece and you would like to emphasize its size, you may want to go with a frame that adds as much as a full foot to your dimensions. If you would rather simply encase your work, you can choose a smaller frame that can add as little as an inch of extra space to the overall work.

Artist’s Style
Once you have figured out how much you want to add on to your artwork with your frame, think about the style of your piece and the style you like to work with in general. A traditional artist may choose to pair a classical style painting with an elegant frame, while more abstract personalities may be drawn to simpler frames that keep the focus on the art itself.

Flexibility and Freedom
It is important to remember that the way you frame your work is entirely up to you. Although there are styles that tend to work better together, art has no solidified rules and it is your creative process that allows you to do what you do. If you are having trouble deciding on a frame, try out several different styles and see which one suits your artwork best. A framing store in San Jose can also help you explore different options.

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