Tips for Recognizing and Awarding Your Staff

It’s not always easy to motivate your employees, even if you’re giving them a lot of recognition for their work. Recognizing the efforts of your workers can inspire them to go the extra mile, but only if the award matches the achievement. Gone are the days of the standard “Employee of the Month” awards that don’t give workers a reason to excel. If you want to inspire someone to excellence, there are a few concepts you should keep in mind when creating effective corporate awards in San Jose.

Giving Meaning to Awards

One of the most common problems with corporate awards is that they fail to consider the importance of both the employee and their work. If you’re not careful, your motivational efforts could be more effective than the actual results. Make sure that the work you are rewarding is actually of value to your business before you offer the reward. If your employees know how valuable their work is, they are more likely to improve their performance.

Offer Appropriate Rewards

Some employers are under the impression that a simple raise or a cash prize will motivate their staff to work harder. The problem with this strategy is that everyone is different, and each staff member may respond to different forms of recognition . Although some people might respond to cash rewards, others would prefer the challenge of increased responsibilities. Personalized gifts and custom awards only hold as much weight and meaning as the amount of effort you put into understanding your employees.

Avoid Excess Recognition

Although it is important to recognize the efforts of hard working individuals, it is equally important not to embarrass or ignore other employees. Give credit where credit is due by acknowledging the efforts of every worker. Offering personalized awards can inspire workers to greatness, but if the award is too great or too hyper-focused, it can also create animosity and feelings of dejection. Make sure all of your workers know how important their efforts are to your business.

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