A Look at the Different Types of Trophy Engraving

Adding engraving to a trophy or award is one of the best ways to personalize someone’s achievements and to create a memento that lasts. If you’re looking into your options for trophy engraving in Santa Clara and San Jose, then use this guide to understand several popular engraving types:


If the award that you’re having engraved is made from Lucite, a clear plastic that is a widely-used alternative to glass, then you can opt for embedment as part of the engraving. This style is an ideal choice for those who want to memorialize a special document, a badge or emblem, or a company logo. After the embedment, additional engraving can be added to the trophy. It should be noted that this option is not recommended for one-of-a-kind heirlooms or objects.

Photo Etching

When you visit a custom gift store to see examples of their engraving choices, you’ll find that some of the awards on display will feature photo etchings. This engraving type offers you an incredible amount of versatility, allowing you to customize the trophy with an image of your choosing. To determine if a photo that you have in mind is suitable for the etching process, show it to a custom engraving provider and discuss your options.

Acid Etching

Utilizing an acidic solution to roughen or mark a variety of surfaces, acid etching is an engraving method that’s used for everything from medical and industrial processes to trophy engraving and artistic purposes. While acid etching can be performed on teeth to prepare them for dental procedures, or on cement to ready it for refinishing, it can also be employed to create unique and detailed depictions on items like jewelry and sports award plates.


Using sand to etch images onto glass, some metals, and some plastics, sandblasting is a form of engraving that is popular for use on everything from champagne flutes and wine bottles to crystal plaques and glass awards.

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