Planning an Awards Ceremony for a Sports Team

Team sports can be fun and valuable at any age. In addition to helping kids stay active, team sports teach them the value of working together. It doesn’t matter whether you have a good season or a lousy one, it’s always a good idea to celebrate your team with an awards ceremony. By enlisting the help of a sports award company serving San Jose and Santa Clara, you can be sure to make your team’s awards ceremony extra special.

Choose a Fun Venue

When planning an awards ceremony, the venue is one of the first decisions you’ll make. If you’re coaching a team of kids or teenagers, you might consider a bowling alley, pizza parlor, or arcade. If you’re planning an awards ceremony for an adult sports team, a restaurant or bar may be more appropriate. If you’re having trouble deciding on a suitable venue, consider having the team members vote for their favorites.

Design an Appropriate Trophy

Though compliments are great, it’s important to present each athlete with a tangible acknowledgement of their achievement. Trophies are especially coveted by youngsters, who respond to the prestige and sense of accomplishment that a trophy represents. When designing a custom award, you should take both the sport and participants into account. For instance, a classic column trophy with a basketball figurine is always appropriate for a youth basketball team. A team of adults might enjoy engraved cup or bowl trophies.

Acknowledge Each Athlete’s Contribution

At the end of a sports season, it’s traditional to provide each athlete with the same trophy. However, you should also make an effort to customize each award. If you don’t have the budget to custom engrave each trophy, you should at least think long and hard about each athlete’s contribution and make the appropriate acknowledgements as you present each award. For example, you could personalize the awards by designating trophies for most improved player, best hustle, and team leader.

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