Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Staff

Personalized gifts and corporate awards in San Jose and Santa Clara are great ways to show your staff that you value them. With award engravings or personalized frames, you can acknowledge certain achievements that your staff members have made. Your employees will value these personalized gifts because they know that they work for a company that values their time and them as individuals. Let’s take a look at some personalized gift ideas you might give your staff. custom - gifts

Funny Corporate Awards

If you prefer to run a company like a family—complete with inside jokes—then consider gifting your staff funny awards. These custom corporate awards can come in the form of certificates, plaques, trophies, or photos. Consider every member of your staff, and use the help of your upper management, to find the right funny award for each staff member. Funny awards might include “Most Likely to Show Up Late,” “Most Creative Office Prankster,” and “Biggest Transformer Between Personal and Professional.” These types of personalized awards are funny, and they show your staff that you pay attention to them.

Milestone Trophies

Another great way to show your staff that you think of them often is by acknowledging their achievements. Give your staff different types of trophies to commemorate different achievements they have made while working for you. You might give customized trophies for certain numbers of years an employee has worked with you. If your staff works on commission or must make certain goals throughout the year, then consider gifting them with a trophy when they make an exceptional sale. Your employees are likelier to work harder when they know they are being rewarded for accomplishments.

Engraved Frames

Instead of work-related gifts and corporate awards, give your staff engraved frames or photos. You may use these photos and frames to commemorate an achievement they made outside of work. If your company hosts a family picnic day or a day of charitable giving, then take photos to give your employees. These photos and engraved frames are special mementos that your employees will cherish.

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