Inspiration for Showcasing Your Poster Collection

Posters are fun to collect, whether you put them up in your bedroom or your office. How you choose to display them is up to you, but it helps to look for inspiration if you’re new to the practice. Poster frames stand out from the background, and a framing store near San Jose can help you choose the right ones. Watch this video for some inspiration for showcasing your poster collection.

We do what we can to express our personalities in different ways, and posters give us a creative outlet. Posters are a convenient way to display the elements that make us who we are, because they can represent anything. Your poster collection might include photographs of moments in sports history, musical icons, or the cover of your all-time favorite movie. Framing helps you show these posters off in a way that makes sense with your design. Use frames that make the poster pop out from the background, and pay attention to both the materials and the colors you use. If you have a large collection, experiment with different configurations—you’re not limited to lining all of them up side by side.