What Does Your Office Say About You?

Custom Frames for Offices by JB Trophies & Custom Frames

You spend a lot of time in your office, so you should decorate in a way that reflects your personality. A framing store near San Jose can help you create an aesthetically pleasing space that represents who you are. You can display the accomplishments that led you to where you are now, pictures of your family and loved ones, and pop culture and media interests that you hold close to your heart. Frames and custom shadow boxes help these pieces last, and can add their own flair to your design. Keep reading and think about what your office says about you.

Your Accomplishments

Your resume is an overview of the steps you’ve taken to advance in your career. If you’re established enough to have your own personal office, you probably took a long road to get where you are today. Why not display your achievements on your office walls? Custom frames keep your diplomas and certificates safe, and they let you hang them on the walls in a way that fits into your design. Then whenever someone comes into your office, they can immediately learn about your background and qualifications.

Custom frames help decorate your office

Your Family

Many people miss their families throughout the workday and wish they could spend more time at home. Photographs of your family keep little pieces of your home life with you during the day, and you can always glance at them when you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated. Custom picture frames take your beautiful family photos and make them even more appealing. If you’re a family-first type person, there’s nothing wrong with sharing that in the office. Clients and business partners will notice the pictures and recognize your dedication to the people who matter most in life.

Your Style

Bare walls can be bleak and depressing, especially if you have an exuberant personality that can’t be contained, then don’t keep it caged up. Use custom frames to hang up movie posters, sports memorabilia, and any other kind of decoration that represents who you are. Whether you like motivational posters or humorous sayings, use custom framing to keep things cohesive.