Planning for a Successful Corporate Awards Ceremony

Custom corporate awards in San Jose, CA

Not every company thinks to give out corporate awards in San Jose or Santa Clara, but it’s a great way to show your employees that you recognize the great work they’ve done. You can give them out every quarter, every year, or at the end of a particularly busy stretch. You can even set up a ceremony dedicated to giving out personalized awards. In this case you’ll need to find a suitable location, have someone physically present the award and say a few words, and create custom corporate awards for employees to take home or keep in their offices. Here’s a closer look at these tips for planning a successful corporate awards ceremony.

Pick a Location

If your whole team spends most of the time in the office, it’ll be a nice change of scenery to host the corporate awards ceremony offsite. Start by looking for a venue that is convenient for everyone to get to—some people have a long commute to work as it is, so make sure the location works for everybody. Additionally, you’ll need a venue that is appropriately sized for the number of people that will be attending the ceremony.

Prepare a Presentation

A corporate awards ceremony should be more like a formal dinner than a buffet, so don’t just leave the awards on a table for people to pick up themselves. Instead, have someone lead the event and give out the awards individually. This gives you the opportunity to explain why each person received the award they did, which makes the whole experience more personal and engaging. Employees will be more appreciative when they understand exactly why they received the award because they’ll recognize the thought that you put into it.

Custom corporate awards in San Jose, CA

Create Custom Awards

Every awards ceremony should include actual tangible awards that you can give out to your employees. You can use cup or bowl trophies or glass awards, or you could print out certificates that name the recipient and the nature of the award. If you do print out certificates, be sure to have them framed so they’re presentable.