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Blog Posts in May, 2017

What Are Olympic Medals Really Made Of?

Sports awards have been given to star athletes for thousands of years. The winners of the original Greek Olympics were awarded olive branches, and now Olympic athletes are awarded medals. Depending on ...
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How a Frame Designer Can Help You Showcase Your Artwork

It is incredibly important to keep your artwork—whether personally made or purchased—protected against dust, light, and accidents. It is just as important to have your artwork enhanced and ...
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Looking Back at the History of Engraving

Trophy engraving and engraved, personalized gifts are popular ways to award someone or show appreciation. However, the art of engraving personalized gifts has come a long way over thousands of years. ...
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See How Plaques Are Engraved

Personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara are great for sports awards, celebrating achievements, and even giving as birthday presents. A customized embedment is what makes the gift truly ...
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