When to Choose Shadowbox Framing

If you have an extensive collection of custom awards and personalized trophies, you may be inclined to display your achievements by hanging them on a wall. The best way to do this is with custom frames in San Jose and Santa Clara. Keep reading to find out when to choose shadowbox framing.

Shadowbox framing provides a way to display your personalized trophies and custom awards in a tasteful and aesthetically pleasing way. Shadow boxes extend from a wall so that, unlike most other kinds of frames, they are able to cast shadows; this visually mimics the atmosphere of an art gallery. Whether you have an impressive academic history, you have an extensive collection of awards from sporting competitions, or you simply want a creative way to display your licensure in your office, shadowbox framing can help you achieve this. This type of framing can also be used to accentuate other items. Decorate your wall with your collection of sports cards, influential records, or even musical instruments. Since shadow boxes can be created in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, your framing is only limited by your creativity.

Shadowbox Frames in San Jose

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