The Great Trophy Debate: Participation Trophies for Kids

Although personalized trophies , custom frames, and custom award engravings can all be excellent personalized gifts in San Jose and Santa Clara, participation trophies involve a unique psychological element. Some people believe that trophies should be given to children for participation in some kind of sport or recreational team activity, while others believe that this is not a good idea. Read on for a look at the great trophy debate: Are participation trophies for kids a positive or negative influence?

One integral component of this debate that often sparks the side that thinks participation trophies are a bad idea is equality. All people are not born with and will not develop the same level of skills across the board. Certain people are better than others at certain things, and the “no” side of this debate thinks that giving out participation trophies ignores this reality. Additionally, certain children on a team are naturally more apt to fully participate and foster team spirit, while some others may bring a negative attitude. To offer each of these children the same trophy at the end of the season is to imply that they put out the same level of effort when this is clearly not the case.

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The other side of this debate has a few important points as well. For one, they believe that children should be rewarded for their effort . Even if a child is not particularly skilled, he or she may be ecstatic upon receiving a personalized trophy or custom award that can be displayed on a bedroom shelf. Awarding only the top tier of players can be discouraging, which may prevent children from attempting to develop their skills.

At the end of the day, a personalized trophy is simply a memento of an experience. On one hand, many people believe that the purpose of team sports in childhood is to teach cooperation and teamwork, and thus trophies are not necessary. On the other hand, some individuals think that custom trophies should be distributed to every child who participated so that they each have an anchor for their experience.

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