The Benefits of Plaque Awards

Plaque awards from JB Trophies & Custom Frames

There are many ways to acknowledge an employee who has excelled in his or her field or a child who has earned an academic achievement, but few are as fun as personalized gifts. Custom awards can be the perfect way to celebrate the hard work that people put into their daily lives.

Personalized cup and bowl trophies are great, but they tend to take up a bit more space than you may care to share in your office. Plaque awards, on the other hand, are slightly more versatile in that they take up less space and can be easily hung on an office or bedroom wall. These kinds of awards can still bear the same type of personalized inscriptions and embedment, but they do so in a somewhat tamer and more sophisticated manner. Plaque awards are available in an array of different designs and styles and may be mounted either vertically or horizontally; these variables allow you to seamlessly integrate your plaque award into the design of your office, bedroom, or even trophy case. Visit a custom trophy and award store in San Jose to learn more about plaque awards.

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