The Benefits of Museum Framing and Glass

Museum framing near San Jose and Santa Clara is a popular custom framing choice. However, many people may not realize all that comes with a custom frame made to museum standards. With this type of framing, you can better protect, conserve, and display treasured items behind a distinctive frame and glass. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of museum framing and how it can protect and preserve special items for posterity. museum - frames

Artwork-Quality Frames

Original pieces of art or historical documents are impressive on their own. However, these one-of-a-kind or highly valuable pieces are made much more spectacular with the right frame. Custom frames and matting are made to complement the item on display with the right colors, grain patterns, or custom frame carvings. Museum framing becomes part of the artwork, which lends to the art’s beauty and originality.

Non-Reflective Glass

Specialty, non-reflective glass is often used in conjunction with museum frames. This glass is referred to as “conservation glass,” and it can be made from acrylic or flat glass. Conservation glass is best used in areas with a lot of lighting or when pictures will be taken of the artwork. This exceptional glass will eliminate almost all signs of reflections. This is necessary when items are on display in museums or held in a shadow box. Conservation glass can also block up to 99% of ultraviolet light, which will protect the art or document wherever it is housed.

Quality Preservation

Preservation of artwork and historical documents is crucial to preserve an artist’s masterpiece or an important piece of history. Museum framing and glass is an integral element of protecting these important items while still displaying them. Museum framing will keep art and documents safe from contaminants behind a strong sheet of glass. Museum glass will also protect these items from the damaging effects that can come from camera lights, sunlight, and dust. There is no better way to protect a piece of artwork or history than museum framing.

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