How to Personalize Your Corporate Awards

Corporate awards by JB Trophies & Custom Frames

There are presents and then there are custom corporate awards in San Jose and Santa Clara. Custom awards involve an extra sense of thoughtfulness and consideration, so they can do a better job of making your employees feel appreciated. Corporate awards can help your team stay motivated and productive, and there are a few different ways you can go about personalizing them. Feel free to read ahead if you’d like a few ideas on how to personalize your corporate awards.

When thinking about personalizing a corporate award, think about the nature of the award. If the award goes to the person who made the most sales for the year, this information should be included on the award. You can also include the employee’s name as well as details about how he or she came to win the award. Personalize the award with the number of sales made or the total value that the winner accumulated for the company. Make sure that however you decide to personalize the award, you do so in an aesthetically pleasing way so the recipient can proudly display it. You can even consider giving out glass, crystal, or acrylic awards for even more cosmetic appeal.

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